Created for The Very First Extra Credits Game Design Jam!

Original game made in 48 hours. Note: Some updates have been made to the game after the jam's closing time. See at bottom.

You play as a rogue AI defending yourself against the onslaught of the faceless humans. Basically a  tower defense game except you activate and deactivate towers instead of building them.


  • Activate and deactivate turrets by clicking on them
  • The more turrets are active, the more energy is used
  • If the energy runs out, it will take a few seconds to reset - you will probably die because of it so don't let your energy run out!
  • If your energy does run out, remember to deactivate your towers to give it a chance to recharge once the reset is finished!
  • Upgrading your speed or your energy uses half your maximum energy
  • The computer with an eye in the middle acts as a super-turret when active. It can shoot anywhere on the map, but uses double the energy


  • Game made using Godot v3.06
  • Programming: Pure-Awesome
  • Concept: RedFusion Design & Pure-Awesome
  • Menu Screen Art: Aerelle
  • Evil Eye on Computer: Laetans
  • Graphics: Tilesets from by V-ktor and 0x72
  • Music from Bit Bops by Azureflux on
  • Assets are Creative Commons v4
  • Font is SH Pinscher
  • Electronic voice made (by Pure-Awesome) using the e-speak via the SAPI TTS app, and then edited in Audacity.
  • A mysterious man made the- it was Walpole

    (Edit: RedFusion Design, not RockerScience, sorry. I will update the in-game credit later)


  • More energy generated per second
  • After depletion, energy restores faster
  • Energy is now regained whilst waiting for reset
  • All turrets are deactivated when energy is depleted
  • Electronic voice informs player on energy depletion, energy restoration, and defeat
  • Main base takes four times the energy of a normal turret, rather than twice
  • Energy bar has half-way mark marked
  • If energy is less than half, upgrade buttons are dulled out (they become transparent and do not highlight when player mouses over)
  • Some balancing changes made to enemy spawn time - it's a bit easier in the beginning but ramps up to very difficult quite quickly
  • Music made quieter
  • Credits fixed and updated


Download 10 MB

Development log


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This is quite a beatutiful game. It is a bit hard sometimes though.


It is really beautiful and i really like the gameplay.... I do think it is very hard, or I am just not really good at these games....

Thank you for your wonderful comment! :-)

Yes, it is very hard. And it is impossible to win; you can only try to get as high a score as possible.